Lily Pads
Resale Boutique
4471 Progress Blvd., Peru, IL
(815)224-7970 | (815)224-6970(fax)

Monday - Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm

All proceeds benefit the Illinois Valley PADS Homeless Shelters.


aluminum cans; appliances; bedding; bicycles in working condition; bedspreads; books; CD's; clothing; comforters; cookware; countertop appliances; curtains; decorative items; dishes; fabric; floral arrangements; furniture (clean & in good condition from smoke-free home); games; health & beauty items (unopened); home healthcare items (wheelchairs, shower chairs, etc.); housewares; jewelry; lamps; linens; luggage; metal for recycling; movies (VHS or DVD); office supplies; pots & pans; purses; puzzles; school supplies; seasonal items accepted year round; sewing machines; sheets; shoes; tools in working order and good shape; telephones; totes; toys; towels; utensils; wicker baskets; window blinds new & in package; yarn.


Because of the cost of disposal and/or government restrictions and/or no resale value, we do not accept the following:

auto parts; baby bath seats; baby cribs; baby play pens; baby walkers; batteries; bean bag chairs; box springs; building materials; bunk beds; car seats; cassette tapes; computer monitors/towers/keyboards/printers; encyclopedia sets; exercise equipment; fax machines; fire extinguishers; fish tanks; food & beverage; furnaces; hair dryers; halogen lamps; hazardous materials; high chairs; inflatable items; items in need of repair; make-up (used and/or open); mattresses; nothing alive (plants, animals); oil; paint; pianos/organs; printers; Reader's Digest condensed books; TV's; toys made of soft plastic or painted wood; strollers; typewriters; waterbeds; window blinds (slatted or roll-ups).


We accept items that we sell in our store. They must be clean and not need repair. What does this mean? It means that not every item, even if in excellent condition, is sellable in our store. You might have some good items in your home (like an aquarium), but we don't sell them. So therefore we don't accept them. The issue is how much room we have in the store and what we know sells to benefit IV PADS (Ottawa PADS, Peru PADS, Lily Pads). THANK YOU for understanding!



Rosanna Stremlau - Manager
Stephanie Drnach - Assistant Manager
Brian Smith - Assistant Manager
Roberto Guardiola
Carol Laws
Rebecca Lunger
Laura Moore
Alissa Morrison
Julie Pacholski
Dava McNally
Melissa Rutishauser
plus an amazing, dedicated, incredible crew of over 60 volunteers who bring their own talents and time!

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Mission Statement: Lily Pads Resale Boutique is owned and operated by Illinois Valley PADS and 100% of the proceeds are used to support the homeless shelters. All donated items will be sold, recycled, or used to meet the needs of PADS clients.

Value Statement: Lily Pads provides a boutique shopping experience at resale prices.

Volunteers are needed in both the retail store and sorting center...

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1320 Menards Drive
(815) 224-3047 or

Ottawa PADS
1120 Canal Street
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Lily Pads
4471 Progress Blvd., Peru
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